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About Us

Golden Glass is a company that unites great craftsmanship and technological innovation, a unique combination of wisdom, excellence and style. Golden Glass, in fact, is not only rooted on the value of handcrafted products, also recognized by the Trademark "Marche Artisan Excellence" obtained in 2011, but also on the technological development of production processes and attention to design and to international markets.


With a range of over one hundred decors, Golden Glass is today an icon of the glass working industry in Italy, but the company's strength is also the extreme production flexibility and the ability to conceive and develop projects in close contact with designers and architecture studies. Since 2007, year of its establishment, to this day Golden Glass continues to record a steady growth both nationally and internationally.


Golden Glass products are mainly conceived for companies in the furniture industry, recognizable elements of design that enrich furniture or interior design with elegance and prestige. The wide range of decors, result of collaborations with important Italian brands, allows a wide use in all environments, both classic or modern.